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CES initiates and participates in research programmes in collaboration with other universities, centres and institutions from Romania and other EU countries, as well as with local and national public administration. Since its creation, CES has managed to carry out over 20 projects, using different financing sources like PHARE, Interreg, Jean Monnet, National Council of Scientific Research (NCSR), Structural Funds, European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI). Jean Monnet Chair: L'economie et la politique de l'integration europeenne C04/0024  Financed by: European Commission | Grant:50.590 € Duration: 2004-2007 Jean Monnet Module:  Romanian political and economical institutions and integration's issues - CEN CENRE Financed by: European Commission | Grant:22.900 € Duration: 2004-2007 Jean Monnet Module: Europe and the European idea. History, culture, perspectives Financed by: European Commission | Grant:22.900 € Duration: 2001-2005 Program PHARE Romania RO 9706-01--02 - Creation of Centre for Studies in Romania with research, information, education and training in European Studies with specialization in regional development Financed by: European Commission | Grant:30.160 € Duration: 2000-2007 Jean Monnet Module: Le management des services publics de sante dans l'ordre juridique europeen Financed by: European Commission | Grant:14.100 € Duration: 2009-2012 Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence for European Studies Financed by: European Commission |  Grant:75.000 € Duration: 2009-2012 Jean Monnet module: Regional programs of development and management in European Union Financed by: European Commission | Grant:21.000 € Duration: 2009-2012 European policies concerning business development Financed by: ANCS - Romanian Agency | Grant:3.643,09 lei Duration: 2009 Jean Monnet Module European Business Environment Financed by: European Commission | Grant:28.000 € Duration: 2008-2011 Strengthening the foundation of economic and social cohesion in terms of regional convergence Financed by: Romanian Reaserch Authority | Grant:18.000 € Duration: 2007-2009 Marketing Analysis for Neamt and Suceava Counties area in the framework of Est-European Places of spirits Financed by: Greece Consortium | Grant:18.500 € Duration: 2005 - 2006 JEAN MONNET Chairs Ad Personam: EU sustainable development, regional cohesion and European policies (EuReP) Financed by: European Commission | Grant:45.000 € Duration: 2013-2016 Jean Monnet Academic and research activities: The EU as regional player. Cooperation and integration in Eastern neighbourhood (EURINT) Financed by: European Commission | Grant:37.882 € Duration: 2012-2013 Jean Monnet Multilateral Research Group: CEE Banking sector stability after the reform of the European financial supervision Financed by: European Commission | Grant:28.000 € Duration: 2012-2014 Facilitarea tranziţiei de la şcoală la viaţa activă pentru studenţii din domeniul economie-afaceri internaţionale  Financed by: European Social Fund | Grant: 2.600.000 € | partner Duration: 2011-2013 Cross border educational exchanges in European Studies - favourable framework in the diminishing of the border effects at the eastern frontier of the EU - CEDES Financed by: People to People Co-operation, Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013  |  Grant:148.000 € Duration: 2011-2012 Impact analysis regarding intervention and added value of Sectoral Operational Programme ”Increasing of Economic Competitiveness” in the period 2007-201 Financed by: Ministry of European Funds | Grant:25.000 ROL | partner Duration: 2015 From inspiration to implementation: Europeanisation process in Ukraine (InIM) Financed by: Visegrad Fund | Grant:5875 € | partner Duration: 2015-2016 JEAN MONNET project: The Eastern Partnership under strain – time for a rethink? (EaPpeal) Financed by: European Commission | Grant:41.072 € | coordinator Duration: 2015-2016 Bukovyna as a Contact Zone Financed by: Swiss State Secretariat for Education and Research | partner Duration: 2015-2016 ReGrowEU | Advancing ground-breaking research in regional growth and development theories, through a resilience approach: towards a convergent, balanced and sustainable European Union. Financed by:  CNCS - UEFISCDI, project number PN-III-P4-ID-PCCF-2016-0166, within PNCDI III  Duration: 2018-2021 The values of the United Europe and Ukrainian society: problems of correlation and mechanisms of transition (evu) Financed by: Representation Office of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine | Grant:5875 € | partner Duration: 2016-2017 Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience to Russian Disinformation Warfare: Practical Overview and Qualitative Evaluation of Critical Infrastructure in RO, MD, UA, LT, LV, and EST. Financed by: Black Sea Trust | Grant:24870 USD | partner Duration: 2017 ENACTED - EUROPEAN UNION AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. NETWORK FOR ENHANCING EU’S ACTORNESS IN THE EASTERN BORDERLANDS (2017-2625). Financed by: ERASMUS+ | Grant: 300.000 EURO | Coordinator Duration: 2017-2020 RoSec | Boosting Romania’s role as a security provider in its immediate vicinity (the cases of Ukraine and Moldova) . Financed by:  CNCS - UEFISCDI, project number PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2016-0073 | 2018-2020, within PNCDI III  Duration: 2018-2020