Master Master in REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT (Romanian)
The program is organized in partnership with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Faculty of Geography and Geology.  The mission - The Master program for Regional Development has as its mission the specialization of graduates of higher education in the field of regional development through equipping them with solid theoretical knowledge, practical and research abilities to insure them an easy access as professionals on the labour market and in the actual European competition.     Objectives:  •	inducing, dissemination and institutionalization of the ideas of belonging to the European civilization and synchronization with the EU model as the only viable alternative for Romania; •	forming a responsible option of the citizens and the local communities about the European integration, in the spirit of the value of economic occidental individuality, civics and rationalism, which created modern Europe; •	developing an organizational culture in public institutions and businesses in the region of Moldova, which would put value on individual competences and the principles of open societies; •	facilitating the access of graduates onto the labour market of Romania and Europe by insuring an adequate training in areas of interest; •	stimulating research activities in Romanian economic higher education; •	attracting young graduates to research programs aiming to open up new directions of actions and to contribute to the growth of quality in the Romanian higher education; •	adapting the educational offer to the reality of today's society in the context of the evolution of the Romanian and European business environment.  Organization - The length of the Master's degree is 4 semesters and the length of a semester is 14 weeks for the learning process and 2 weeks for the final exam session. In the first three semesters 5 courses are studied (4 compulsory curses and 1 optional) and in the last semester only 4, leaving more time for the research activity and supervised preparation of the thesis (a project that needs to evaluate and show the knowledge and competences acquired through the two years of study).  Admission: The Master in Regional Development is open for students who have graduated the first cycle in the following areas: Economics, Geography, Political Sciences, Public Administration, Biology-Ecology, Law, Civil Engineer, Economic Engineer, Urbanism etc.  Students from other areas can also be accepted as long as they realize the need for a deeper study in the area of regional development. In this case, due to the particularities of the studied area and due to the depth of some of the disciplines included in the study plan, the Master program requires a good knowledge of Economics, Finance, Statistics, Geography, Informatics etc.  The graduates who do not have the minimum knowledge can be admitted as long as they study, before starting the first year, a series of fundamental courses (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Finance, Statistics, Management, Science of Administration etc.).  The method used for the admission of the candidates is a selection based on the candidate's files. The average the student finished the first cycle with is taken into account (the average of the first three years of study - 50% and the average for the thesis exam - 50%).  In the process of admission the aim is to have a transparent admission policy based exclusively on the academic competences of the students, excluding all discriminating criteria.  Evaluation/Study finalization - Grading scale from 10 to 1, all grades being integers. In ECTS system, the Master program offers 120 credits (30 credits / semester). The Master studies are finalized with a dissertation paper (5 credits).
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