The   CES's   Research   Programme   supports   multidisciplinary   and   interdisciplinary   perspectives   and approaches   by   bringing   together   resources   and   research   potential   of   specialists   from   our   university and from other partner institutions, in order to:
Explore and expand the research potential of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi; Promote excellence in academic research; Develop partnerships at national and European levels; Increase the visibility of the research results of our university and our partner institutions.
Research priorities The scientific activities of the CES Research Department cover fundamental and applied research areas, as the topics of interest are adapted to strategic research priorities established at regional, national and European levels. Since our institution is located in a peripheral area (the North-Eastern region of Romania and the Eastern border of the EU), a specific interest in current research has been focused on regional development core issues, through the research programme entitled Competitiveness, regional development and convergence in Central and Eastern Europe. The main priority of this programme is the development of research skills of our specialists, as well as the internationalization of the conducted research by taking part in European projects, such as FP7, ESPON or other bilateral cooperation projects. Since the institution is located in a peripheral area (the North-East region of Romania and at the Eastern border of the EU), the topic of regional development holds a specific place in current research, through the research programme on Competitiveness, regional development and convergence in Central and Eastern Europe. A new direction is represented by Geopolitics and the business environments. The European Union as a global and regional actor. The priorities of this programme are represented by the participation in the HORIZONT2020 programme and the development of cooperation with the EU's Eastern neighbours. Our areas of interests are: ECONOMICS: European Economy, European Policies, European Common Market, Trade and International Specialisation, Cross-border Cooperation and the European Neighbourhood Policy; REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Regional Disparities and Cohesion, Centre-periphery Model, Secondary Growth Poles, International Specialisation and Competitiveness, Tourism and Regional Development, Foreign Direct Investments, Migration, Local and Regional Governance, European Cohesion Policy; POLITICS AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN EUROPE:  Governance Systems and European Policies, European Society and Culture, EU Foreign Policy and Security; LAW:  European Law, Civil Service Law, Social and Economic Law. In order to support and carry out research activities, the CES: participates at national and international cooperation programmes, in terms of research and education; is integrated into national and international networks, such as: National Network of Centres for European Studies, Europe Direct, Jean Monnet, REGIO Communicators Network North-East, North East Innovation Network, Educational Structures in Europe, Team Europe etc.); cooperates with public institutions, professors and researchers from various Romanian universities and other academic centres located both in EU member states and outside of the EU; promotes cross-border cooperation with the countries located in EU’s Eastern neighbourhood and has created a network of European Studies Centres in Republic of Moldova and Ukraine; identifies and selects, for its research projects, the best specialists from universities and partners' universities, with high potentials to form efficient interdisciplinary teams; supports the forging and development of a new generation of specialists in European Studies and Regional Development through doctoral studies and activities, as well as post-doctoral and master students’ involvement in research activities; carries out scientific journals with a wide international visibility and publishes the research results of the collaborators; organizes national and international debates and conferences.
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