Centre of Excellence Acquiring the status of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in 2009, we have assumed to develop a platform for high-level academic and professional skills in European studies. The project emphasises the role of civil society based on the 'University in society' concept. Dissemination of knowledge on European integration, promotion of fundamental European values, awareness of cultural and historical diversity of Europe and the feeling of belonging to a common space of values and attaining the European citizenship, tolerance and mutual understanding are central objectives of our project (read more...) Centre for European Documentation As a European Documentation Centre (CDE), we support studies and research in European Studies, by providing detailed information on laws, policies and institutions about the European Union. For this purpose, we offer students or any other interested persons access to various collections of articles, reports and documents published by the EU institutions and agencies Awards and international affiliations In 2012 the Centre for European Studies received the Award of Excellence for Research and Training in European Affairs from the European Institute of Romania. Furthermore, we are affiliated to different associations, like Regional Studies Associations, Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies and The Partnership for Peace Consortium.
Our research programme aims to gather resources and research potential of specialists from universities and partner institutions in order to analyse the political, economic and social disparities, the factors that generate them and provide methods to reduce them. The main area of interest of the studies that we undertake is regional development, but addressed in an inter- and trans-disciplinary manner, according to the mechanisms and vision of the European Union. (read more...)
Our publications represent a support for sharing ideas, theoretical and empirical analysis in an inter- and multidisciplinary perspective of the wider European thematic studies. Eastern - Journal of European Studies, our main publication, has already managed to attract studies from wide known authors in the field of economic and political studies (currently under evaluation for Thomson ISI indexation). CES Working Papers is addressing young researchers, giving them the opportunity to publish their research results, to receive feedback from other researchers in order to improve their methodology and validate their results. Collection of Excellence stands out as a way to provide the most representative works in European Studies to the academic community. (read more...)
For achieving our mission, to promote the European dimension in education and training, the scientific events organized in European thematic studies, consisting of conferences, seminars, communication sessions, debates, roundtables etc.. The annual conference EURINT – usually organised with the occasion of Europe Day, represents our reference event. Since we began, we have always been concerned with providing top academic events and involving numerous experts from Romania and abroad. (read more...)
Being interested in strengthening our role as an active regional player, we aim to disseminate the results of our research projects  by outlining some directions of economic and political action. To this end, we engage in conducting our projects along with other universities, centres or institutes from Romania and abroad, but also with local and national administration. So far we have been able to support our research activities by applying to various funding sources available at national and European level, like PHARE, INTERREG, Jean Monnet, ENPI, HRD, PN II, ANCS etc. (read more...)
To achieve its mission, the Centre for European Studies organizes programmes and training courses in different areas of European studies, participates in programs of national and international cooperation for research and disseminating information about the EU and the process of integration. It also develops programs for student and professor mobility, promotes public-private partnership and debates on European themes, collaborating with public institutions, professors and researchers from the university Centres in Romania and from the EU member countries.
The Program for Professional Training is aimed at training specialists in the area of European integration through an initial training, a post-university training and continuous training. The main programs taking place at the moment are a Master degree in European Studies, Master degree in Regional Development and Jean Monnet optional courses.  The Research Program covers the following areas: Economics and politics of the integration, the system of the European Union institutions, culture and civilization, European policies, regional economic development, urbanism, territorial arrangement, environment, political science and European history. This program brings together the resources and competence of the professors and researchers from all the faculties involved in the CES, insuring a favourable context for international cooperation. The Training Program is aimed at teachers from high-schools, civil servants, specialists and managers in the business area and all those interested in acquiring general and specific knowledge about the European integration and the policies of business in the European environment. The Centre offers specialized courses in the following areas: European Integration, Regional Development, Public Administration, Project Management, Environment Protection and Tourism. This program takes shape in short term courses for continuous training. The Consultancy Program is centred on counselling economic agents and people to write local development projects, industrial restructuring programs and professional retraining and business plans financed by European funds. The Centre also counsels professors in order to improve the European dimension of the Romanian education system. The Information and Promotion Program is meant to give a rational opinion to the citizens about the actual tendencies of the integration and the importance of Romania's integration into the EU. This program also aims to promptly inform the public about the opportunities of financing different projects, offered by the specialized institutions of the EU. Concretely, they publish leaflets and brochures about the European policies, institutions and events organizing workshops for public, business people and academic participants, publishing articles and press releases, participation of the CES members in radio and television shows.
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