Lifelong Learning Programmes Since the beginning, CES has adapted its educational offer to the lifelong learning system, according to the European model, considering that the university has to take an active role not only in leading top education and research, but also in postgraduate learning along the way to support the growth of educational systems adaptability to labour market dynamics.  CES Lifelong Learning Programme includes specialization and development short-term training courses (20-90 hours), providing a flexible learning framework for various socio-professional categories (public administration, business, education and civil society) and interested in developing specific skills and competences necessary on the labour market. By completing these courses the trainees will acquire graduation certificates awarded by the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University or by the National Qualifications Authority, certificates recognized by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly. The current offer consists of the following types of programmes: courses certified by Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași and courses certified by the National Qualifications Authority. Courses certified by Alexandru Ioan Cuza University  A. Certified courses in European Studies and Regional Development  Any course included in the curriculum of the Master Programmes in European Studies and Regional Development offered by CES may be followed, for a fee, by any interested person without being necessary to be enrolled as a master student. In order to register, the applicant must submit a personal file at the beginning of the academic year or before the beginning of each semester, for any course which will be conducted at the Centre within that specific semester.  After the completion of the course/courses, the person will receive a certificate attesting the fulfilment of learning obligations as well as the acquirement of transferable credits for that specific course. The graduates may later use the credits earned for following of a master programme, limited to 60 credits (two semesters of the master programme).  B. Jean Monnet Facultative Courses Starting with the 2002-2003 academic year, the CES proposes a wide offer of facultative courses through the Jean Monnet projects it coordinates (so far, CES has coordinated 10 Jean Monnet projects co-financed by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme). Those who are interested in obtaining a Jean Monnet certificate released by Alexandru Ioan Cuza University can freely fill in their curriculum by signing up for the facultative Jean Monnet courses. Participants can be students, regardless of specialization or university, living in Iași or within the region, or any other person outside the academic environment who is interested in being informed and in developing knowledge and competences in thematic areas covered by the suggested courses. The registration is biannual (beginning of each semester) and can be done online, by accessing the CES website. The current offer of Jean Monnet courses includes: •	Programmes of Regional Development and Management in the EU; •	European Economic Integration; •	European Business Environment; •	European Integration for students in real/technical sciences.  C. Other courses  •	Best practice guide regarding the exercise of ethics advisor’s tasks  Romanian legislation has been providing that each public institution shall designate a human resource department of ethics counsellor. Its task is to improve the work of these institutions, as well as the ethical climate by preventing breaches of conduct. This course is designated for people who want to develop skills in this respect and who have a high school diploma / bachelor / master. Courses certified by the National Qualifications Authority  CES organizes courses certified by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection for the Elderly, and the national accrediting institution of National Authority for Qualifications. The current training offer consists of:  Project Manager Through this course Acquiring specific knowledge and necessary techniques for project management, as well as practical experience in using project management techniques. The course addresses the following competencies: design and project management; successful proposals by presenting concrete requirements for the achievement of the proposal, starting from how project proposals are evaluated by the evaluators; management activities carried out within a European project.   Training of Trainers  The increasing emphasis of lifelong training and learning entails acquiring specific skills and competences in training adults. To this end, the course aims to refine people who want to become expert trainers in various training programmes organized within companies, public institutions, educational institutions or organisations specialized in adult training. Therefore, the course responds to the newest legal provisions which require specific certification of the expert trainers through accredited courses which are recognized on the labour market.
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