The Centre for European Studies from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (CES) is one of the youngest and most dynamic institutional  structures of our university.   Although we have just a decade of history, we are content that our master programmes have trained more than 1300 professionals  and experts in European Studies and Regional Development who are currently working in various public institutions at local, regional,  national and even European levels, as well as in private and non-governmental organizations. Also, every year, more than 200  students with different backgrounds and varied areas of interest (students from all local universities with different majors, teachers and  students within the pre-university education sector, public officers, businessmen, professionals and representatives of institutions  involved in the implementation of European policies in Romania) take part in different facultative courses and lifelong learning  programmes, so that CES not only contributes to the forging of new generations of specialists in different areas of interest for the  labour market, but also to a wide dissemination of knowledge and information regarding Europe and European integration. In this  respect, an important role holds as well the various conferences, seminars and public debates that we constantly organize every year.  At the same time, CES also provides a good context for research and promotion of international cooperation. In recent years, we have  proudly managed to form a team of young researchers, around which I drew PhD candidates and collaborators from different fields of  interest, from our faculties or other universities in Romania and abroad, and which is now able to participate in various national and  international research programmes. Nevertheless, we hold the benefit of being perceived as one of the highest-performance universities in Romania, as well as the  attractiveness of a busy university town of historical and cultural significance, which not only provides a great learning environment but  also a pleasant and rewarding life.   I, therefore, invite you to participate in our programmes and actions, to collaborate and work with a dynamic team, interested in  promoting academic excellence and research, always open to proposals of cooperation with the public and the private business  environment, as well as with the national and international academia, in order to develop together teaching and research  programmes”.  Director, Prof. Gabriela Carmen Pascariu
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