Livia BACIU Associate Professor Research interests: Theoretical Economics, Entrepreneurship
Reasearch team
Doru BOTEZAT University Lecturer Research interests: Spatial economics, Economic geography, Systems, networks and strategic architecture, Regional development
Research interests: EU foreign affairs, EU-Russia energy interdependence, EU-Russia diplomatic relations, European Neighbourhood Policy, Eastern Partnership, European Integration Curiculum vitae   | List of publications E-mail:
By supporting multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches, the CES involves in its research activities different experts from various areas of study, such as Economics, Law, History, Geography, Political Science and Administration, Regional Development and others, being always open to initiate new collaborations in its areas of interest.
Ramona ȚIGĂNAȘU (FRUNZĂ) Scientific Researcher, 2nd degree Ramona Tiganasu is currently the coordinator of the Research Department within Centre for European Studies (CES) During her experience at CES, she has been involved in several national and international research projects, publishing over 55 studies in Regional Development and Institutional Economics.
Gabriela Carmen PASCARIU University Professor Is the founder managing director of CES, Jean Monnet Chair holder in Economics and Politics of the European Integration, coordinator of the Centre for Excellence in European Studies. With over 15 years of teaching and research experiences she is currently an expert and evaluator in different commissions, member in the editorial board of several publications in European Studies and Regional Development and a member in several national and international associations.
Lucian Dumitru Dirdală University Lecturer Research interests: Teoria democratiei, Politici comparate, Teoria relatiilor internationale, Integrare Europeana
Alexandru Florin PLATON University Professor Research interests: Medieval History, Anthropology, History of  European Union
Liviu George MAHA Associate Professor Research interests: European economy, European cohesion policy, Structural Funds and Cohesion, Regional Development
Corneliu IATU University Professor Research interests: Human Geography, Spatial Planning, Tourism
Lucian LEUȘTEAN Associate Professor Research interests: Contemporary History of Romanians and Universal Contemporary History, History of European integration and the Idea of Europe;
Carmen PINTILESCU Associate Professor Research interests: Statistics, Econometrics, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Regional Development
Daniela Tatiana AGHEORGHIESEI Associate Professor Research interests: Management, Merchandising, Ethics in Organizations
Virgil STOICA University Professor Research interests: E-governance, public policy, local government, political elites
Mihaela ONOFREI University Professor Research interests: Public Administration, European Finance, corporate governance and financial European, European public administration
Mihaela TOFAN  Associate Professor Research interests: European Law, Financial Law, Tax Law, Public-Private Partnership
Alin ANDRIEȘ University Lecturer Research interests: Financial intermediation, monetary policy, banking performance and efficiency, Competition, Risk Management
Research interests: European Cohesion Policy, Core-periphery  model, Clusters, Competitiveness, Growth poles, Institutionalism  Curiculum vitae   | List of publications E-mail:
Research interests: European Cohesion Policy, Central and  Eastern European Economies, Trade specialisation and economic  convergence, Core-Periphery Model, EU Tourism Policy, Sustainable  development, European Neighbourhood Policy, Eastern Partnership  Curiculum vitae   | List of publications E-mail:
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Cristian ÎNCALȚĂRĂU Scientific Researcher, 3rd degree Is currently working as a researcher at Centre for European Studies (CES) within Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. Economist by profession, his main research interest is related to the bilateral influence between labour mobility and development. During last years, he has specialised in econometrics, mainly in time series analysis. Since 2009 he has become the executive editor of CES Working Papers, edited by CES
Research interests: migration – development relation dynamics,  economics of remittances, labour mobility and regional development,  health economics  Curiculum vitae   | List of publications E-mail:
Teodor Lucian MOGA University Lecturer Assistant professor in EU foreign affairs at CES-UAIC and former post-doc researcher at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He has a PhD in Economics and International Relations at UAIC and a MA in Political Science at the University of Manchester, UK. His main academic fields of interest are EU foreign and security policy, ENP, EaP. Among his previous experiences are the European Commission, the British Embassy Bucharest, EUISS, Paris, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies and Romanian Academy. 
Loredana SIMIONOV Scientific Researcher, Has a PhD in Economics and International Relations, has a wide expertise in EU project management. In 2012-2013 she has been the manager of the project CBC Cooperation Network RO-UA-MD, coordinating the joint activities of Synergy Association  Romania, Moldova State University, as well as Odessa National Economic University. She has several research results and has participated in a variety of courses and trainings.
Research interests: EU foreign affairs, EU security and defence policy, EU-NATO relations, European Neighbourhood Policy, Eastern Partnership Curiculum vitae   | List of publications E-mail: