Master Master in EUROPEAN STUDIES (Romanian)
Through the Master Programme in European Studies, we propose an interdisciplinary approach of studying the core aspects of European construction and integration process, in order to develop necessary competences for understanding the functioning of the European Union and of the European policies, to develop abilities to analyse cultural, economic, administrative and political diversity of the EU, as well as the development of specific skills of communication and dissemination of information in a multicultural, public and / or private environment. 
Graduation: dissertation exam (a public presentation of individual research on a topic within a specific field); diploma: European Studies – interdisciplinary (Economy and International Affairs, Business Administration, Political Sciences, Law).
Learning programme: 2 joint multidisciplinary semesters in the following areas of study: History and European Culture, Law, Economics, International Relations and Political Science; 2 semesters with optional packages in the following areas of study: Regional development, European Affairs, Politics and European Integration, European Law, Public Administration in Europe; the students can choose a direction at the end of the second semester (each module is organised for a group of minimum 20 students); courses are organised with full-time attendance and distance learning, facilitating a process of learning and alternation; the programme includes preparation and coaching in research methodology and professional practice; the programme allows the continuation of individual research and studies through doctoral studies.
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