Testimonials Nicolae Daniel Popescu (Master Student, 2005-2007)  Regional Specialist UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC) Founder and Coordinator of the Romanian Abroad Professionals Network “I feel very privileged to have had the chance to study at the CES. The Master in European Studies programme was the right choice for me. It gave me the opportunity to progress my career further than I could have imagined. The course helped me improve my critical thinking and gave me a broad comparative understanding of EU institutions, EU politics and policies. It also helped me to overcome the obstacles arising from the transformations that the Romanian society is still undergoing.   At CES I met some of the most inspiring teachers, colleagues and friends and I am grateful for the positive impact they continue to have on my life and career”. Bogdan Ştefan (Master Student, 2001-2003) Directorate General for Research and Innovation/Policy officer in the Energy Research Directorate, European Commission, Brussels “The Centre for European Studies is the place where I decided that I have to follow a European career. It was a starting point for me and my first contact with the idea of an integrated Europe. It is then when I realised that Europe "united in diversity" is a goal worthy to serve. The programme followed there, the professors, my colleagues, contributed to the change of my mindsets and gave me the impulse and confidence I can achieve something meaningful in life linked to the European project. I definitely recommend the Centre as an initiating process on how to become more European and how to understand our identity, a modelling exercise for any open-minded student wishing to broaden his horizons and expand his career perspectives”.
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