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CONFERENCES EURINT International Conference o European Union at crossroads: building resilience in times | May 19-20, 2017 o The Eastern Partnership under strain – time for a rethink? | May 20-21, 2016 (13rd ed. of the Jean Monnet Conferences) o European Union. Past, present and future | October 23-24, 2015 (12th ed. of the Jean Monnet Conferences) o Regional development and integration. New challenges for the EU | May 22-23, 2015 (11th ed. of the Jean Monnet Conferences) o European Union in times of crisis. Perspectives and solutions | May 9-10, 2014 (10th ed. of the Jean Monnet Conferences) o The EU as a model of soft power in the Eastern neighbourhood | May 15-17, 2013 (9th ed. of the Jean Monnet Conferences) Jean Monnet International Conferences o EU enlargement: dilemmas and perspectives (8th ed.) | 2012 Poster / Brochure / o Romania and the European Union. Dynamics of the integration (7th ed.) | 2011  Poster / Brosura / o European Union, Global Governance and Sustainable Development (6th ed.) | 2010 / Poster / Brosura / o Europe's Challenges in a globalised world (5th ed.) | 2009 o Europe's Challenges in a globalised world (4th ed.) | 2008 o Romania and European Union. Challenges of Integration (3rd ed.) | 2007 o E.U. between the First and Second Wave of Enlargement towards Central and Eastern Europe (2nd ed.) | 2006 o Economics and politics of European Integration (1st ed.) | 2005 Other conferences o Cross border EURO CONFERENCE Dialogue between peoples and culture. East European cross border actors in the dialogue | 2012 | Poster/ Brosura / o Cross-border educational exhanges in European studies - favorable framework in the diminishing of the border effects at the eastern frontier of the EU | 2011 o European Policy in development of business environment | 2009 o European cohesion policy - opportunities and challenges for regional development in Romania | 2007 o European Union and the Challenges of Globalization conference | 2005 o Way to Europe | 2005  o European Integration, Regional Convergence, Location of Industrial Activity and Labour Market Adjustment Euro-Conference (organized in collaboration with Bonn University, with European Commission support. At this conference attended around 47 experts in regional development from Romania, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain) | 2002 STUDENTS conferences o Students scientific sessions in European studies  |12 editions, 2004 - on going o Essay Contest My European dream  | 9 editions, 2009 - on going WORKSHOPS EU regional policy and its impact on regional development in Romania | 2014 Community method vs. Federal method in European integration | 2014 What it means and why European elections are important | 2014  Sustainable development as a strategic option in European policies | 2014 European Documentation: resources and databases | 2013 Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy | 2013 The banking is changing. It prepared the next generation of the big leap? | 2013 | The role of the European funds in promoting regional cooperation | 2013 | Programme Crisis, Economic Governance and Macroeconomic Stability in Central and Eastern Europe | 2013 | Programme | Proceedings The national identity and civic identity in the European Union (in association with French Cultural Centre) | 2005 ROUNTABLES Models of regional governance. Possible developments on regionalization in Romania | 2014 Regional experience in EU members states | 2014 University - a catalyst for regional development: education, innovation and governance | 2014 Regional labor market: diagnosis and recommendations | 2014 Regionalism in Romania: Evolutions and perspectives | 2013 The functional architecture of regions | 2013 The role of the EU in its Eastern neighbourhood: new perspectives, opportunities of networking | 2013 The role of the European policies and programmes over regional cooperation at the eastern border of the EU | 2011 Structural Funds - role in regional competitiveness, sustainable development and cohesion in Europe | 2010 Innovative Processes and regional development in the context of strategic options of the European Union | 2009 SUMMER SCHOOLS Jean Monnet summer school: European civil service performance | 2011- 2014 (4 editions) Cross-border cooperation in preventing the deterioration of the environment. New challenges for the new generation, Chernivtsi, Ukraine | 2012 | Brochure LECTURES, The Eastern Partnership under strain – time for a rethink? | Radek Sikorski, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2007-2014 About the ‘soul’ of Europe / Despre 'sufletul' Europei | Mihai-Răzvan UNGUREANU –University of București | 2014  What is the role of Europe in the 21st Century? | Erhard BUSEK - Coordinator of the South-Eastern Cooperative Initiative -SECI | 2013 The role of Jean Monnet programs in promoting European studies and academic cooperation |  Joanna PESCH-KONOPKA - Project Officer - Jean Monnet Programme - EACEA - Education Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency | 2011 The process of strengthening economic governance in the European Union | Leonard ORBAN - former European Commissionaire | 2012 Is Europe on the right track?  | Adelaide DUARTE - University of Coimbra, Portugal | 2012 EU and Russia: Perspectives of partnership in the changing world | Karel SVOBODA - Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep. | 2012 European Enlargement and [Trans]Nistrian Problem from Republic of Moldova | Aurelian LAVRIC - State University of Moldova | 2012 Aspects of Romania's participation in decision-making of the European Union | Razvan-Horatiu RADU - Subsecretar de Stat, Departamentul pentru Afaceri Europene | 2011 EU economic governance reform | Gabriela DRAGAN – Jean Monnet professor, Director of  European Institute of Romania | 2011 The Common Agricultural Policy: the past, the present and the future | John McCLINTOCK -    Directorate General for Agriculture, European Commission | 2010 How can you become a European official | Marco LOPRIORE | 2010 Multilingvism si identitate culturala | Leornard ORBAN (EU Commissioner for Multilingualism) | 2009 European Union. Past and Future -  50 years of European integration | Ioan CIUPERCĂ, Gabriela Carmen PASCARIU (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași) | 2007 La liberté de religion selon la Cour Européenne des Droits de l'Homme, Gerald GONYALEZ | 2006 Les universites europeennes face aux defis de la modialisation: Christian CORMIER | 2006 European Parliament: an inside view | Enrico D'AMBROGIO (coordinator of the European Parliament Information Office) | 2005 French issues about enlargement and the EU dynamics | Yves DENECHERE | 2004 European Union on the political unification road | Catalin TURLIUC, Gabriela Carmen PASCARIU (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași) | 2004 The Future of Europe | Jonathan SCHEELE | 2002 Romania and EU. Perspectives to Accession | Vasile PUȘCAȘ | 2002 Romania - European Integration and the Stability Pact for Southern Eastern Europe | Mihai Razvan UNGUREANU | 2001 SCIENTIFIC SEMINARS Research Seminar: Deposit withdrawals from distressed banks.What can we learn from the 2008/2009 crisis? | Professor Martin BROWN, Ph.D. - University of St. Gallen, Switzerland | 2014 Art in education and society. Romanian perspective - European context | 2014 Regional development in Central and Eastern Europe: challenges and tendencies - conferință in cadrul Seminarului ştiinţific Regional development in the European Union. Economy, territoriality, policies 2014 Creativity and creative industries in EU regional development | 2011 Institutional transformations and regional development in Central and Eastern Europe | 2011 The EU - an active player in a globalised world (international seminar for doctoral students) | 2010 Cooperarea transfrontaliera in periferalitatea estica a UE – international seminar | 2011 Jean Monnet Seminar: Romania and Moldova in regional context, Chișinau | 2011 Jean Monnet Seminar: Structural Funds Management in Romania | 2006 Through Europe, to the Romania from tomorrow | 2001
In order to fulfil its mission, CES annually  organizes scientific events in the field of  European Studies and Regional Development,  consisting of lectures, seminars, communication  sessions, debates, roundtables etc. Since year 2000, CES has organized over 50  scientific meetings with a broad national and  international participation, being constantly  preoccupied with providing top level academic  events where there were invited to actively  participate, through lectures and conferences,  over 150 experts from Romania and abroad.  Many of the academic events were organized  within Jean Monnet, Europe Direct and Team  Europe networks.