Educational programmes CES's educational programmes appeal to all those who have professional needs or personal aspiration to work in a field that is in an environment conditioned by European context and who, therefore, are seeking to strengthen their professional position or to benefit from new career opportunities.  CES educational offer consists of Master Programmes and Lifelong Learning Programmes. CES Master Programmes Being interested in further developing education and professional training in European Studies and Regional Development Policies, CES organizes interdisciplinary Master Programmes:   	Master in EUROPEAN STUDIES AND THE EASTERN NEIGHBOURHOOD OF THE EU (EN / Further - Coming) 	Master in EUROPEAN STUDIES (Romanian) 	Master in REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT (Romanian) Lifelong Learning Programmes Since the beginning, CES has adapted its educational offer to the lifelong learning system, according to the European model, considering that the university has to take an active role not only in leading top education and research, but also in postgraduate learning along the way to support the growth of educational systems adaptability to labour market dynamics.  CES Lifelong Learning Programme includes specialization and development short-term training courses (20-90 hours), providing a flexible learning framework for various socio-professional categories (public administration, business, education and civil society) and interested in developing specific skills and competences necessary on the labour market. By completing these courses the trainees will acquire graduation certificates awarded by the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University or by the National Qualifications Authority, certificates recognized by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly (read more)
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