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International Conference EURINT 2014

European Union in times of crisis. Perspectives and solutions

May 9-10, 2014

  Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Centre for European Studies, Romania



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The conference addresses those who show a genuine interest in enhancing their research skills in European studies and in contributing to developing a transnational network of contacts and cooperation. The two day conference aims to transmit knowledge about the EU economic, social and political responses vis-à-vis the ongoing crisis, to draw together scholars, researchers, experts, civil society activists and to encourage an exchange of views. The purpose of this event is to provide a proper context for mutual dialogue, joint knowledge and a better understanding of the challenges the EU faces in times of economic crisis.

Who will take part in our academic event?
Participants from the EU and non-EU countries, international experts, MA students, PhD candidates, post-doc fellows, researchers, civil society activists, NGO leaders, consultants, policy advocates and many more.

What kind of opportunities does this conference offer?
Two days of sharing the latest academic research results, excellent networking opportunities, possibilities to create links for future cooperation between in the field of academic (preparing potential research projects, participation in upcoming events, establishing common publishing goals).

The event is part of the EURINT conference series which was successfully launched in 2013 in the frame of the Jean Monnet Life Long Learning Programme. Since 2013 the EURINT conference series has established itself as a visible academic event in field of European Studies and in this regard we aim at developing it into a traditional conference series.


The purpose of this event is to provide a proper context for mutual dialogue, joint knowledge and a better understanding of the challenges the EU faces in the current context marred by an ongoing economic recession. In this line, the conference seeks to bring participants together under a common roof, where European values are widely shared and diffused beyond the national differences that characterise us. This common approach will build stronger and more effective future partnerships and cooperation opportunities. In this regard, we want to lay the foundations of a strong network of young researchers and specialists who will hopefully make positive changes in the future of the EU integration project.

The programme is structured around scientific sessions with the aim of providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the EU's challenges in times of crisis. The conference will comprise lectures delivered by international academic experts, which will be followed, after short brakes, by round tables and presentations of participants' recent research. Participants will be encouraged to take the floor with speakers and challenge them with their own views and reflections of the topic in a much more interactive way. This is your chance to present a topic that interests you and to take the role of speaker or moderator.

The conference welcomes contributions on the following topics:

1. The EU economy under siege. Lessons from Europe's long recession;
2. The macroeconomic (in)stability of the EU economy;
3. EU sustainable development, regional cohesion and European policies;
4. The EU social model at the crossroads;
5. The EU institutional framework. Time for a rethink?;
6. The impact of the European crisis on the EU's international role;

7. European Neighbourhood Policy / Eastern Partnership - post-Vilnius Summit future developments.


  • Online registration and submission of abstracts: March 30, 2014. Please fill out the following registration form.

  • Notification of acceptance or rejection: April 5, 2014

  • Full paper submission: April 28, 2014. Please send us the complete paper to eurint.conference@gmail.com.

Conference fee: 330 ROL / 75 EURO per paper. The fee covers the conference package and meals. Registration is effective after full receipt of payment. The submitter must be (one of) the presenting author(s). All future correspondence will in fact be sent to the submitter. The final deadline for paying the participation fee is April 28, 2014. Please attach in an e-mail message to eurint.conference@gmail.com a scanned proof of payment.

NB: A reduced early bird registration fee of 220 ROL / 50 EURO can be paid until April 7, 2014.


Information about payments:

Payments in ROL
Payments can be made through OP at any bank with the following information
- Beneficiary: Universitatea "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Iasi, Centrul de Studii Europene (CSE) | Cod fiscal/CUI: 4701126
- IBAN:RO39TREZ406504601X000730 deschis la TREZORERIA IASI;
- payment details: Taxa Conferinta CSE EURINT

Payments in EUR
Payments can be made through OP with the following information

- Beneficiary: Universitatea "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Iasi, Centrul de Studii Europene (CSE) | Fiscal code: 4701126 | Bdv. Carol I, nr. 11, Iasi, Romania

- IBAN: RO08 RNCB 0175 0110 9332 0002 open at BCR Iasi | SWIFT: RNCBROBU

- Bank address: Iasi, Romania

- payment details: Conference fee CSE EURINT

NB: If necessary, invoices should be requested via e-mail (eurint.conference@gmail.com) before payments, no latter than April 28, 2014  (please specify the required information).


The presented papers will benefit from publication either in:

a) The journal CES Working Papers indexed in numerous international databases;


b) The Conference Proceedings, with ISSN (indexed in international databases RePEc, Index Copernicus etc.).  In the follow-up after the conference the volume will be sent for evaluation at Thomson Reuters.

 NB: The decision to include the papers in one of the aforementioned publications (CES Working Papers or Conference preceedings) belongs exclusively to the editorial board who also reserve the right to reject any paper which does not correspond to the quality and format criteria of the two publications.

The publication is conditional on the participants' attending and presentation. Papers should be sent to the conference email: eurint.conference@gmail.com


AUTHOR GUIDELINES -The authors are kindly invited to prepare the paper in accordance with the following instructions:


Please follow this link


 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organising committee at eurint.conference@gmail.com



Partener: Jean Monnet European Documentation Centre - Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi


Past conference: EURINT 2013

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