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The CES Working Papers was designed in order to offer the opportunity for young researchers to publish their scholarly papers, the results of their research activity, to get a feedback from the other researchers, to improve the methodology and to validate the results.

The online environment represents the most adequate way to assure the wide visibility of a paper, thus the PhD and master students being connected to the Romanian, European and world academic and research community.

The journal will publish working papers, consisting in theoretical approaches, comparative or empirical analyses, case studies, essays, covering the main areas of interest in European studies.

This publication is co-funded by the project Centre for Excellence Jean Monnet for European Studies - 2009-2756/001

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Call for papers

  Deadline CESWP Volume 5

     No. 1:   28  February
     No. 2:   31 May
     No. 3:   31 August
     No. 4:   30 November