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The Eastern Partnership under strain - time for a rethink?
Jean Monnet Project
EaPpeal seeks to confer a sound framework for policy debate with regards to the Eastern Partnership region. With the overall goal of adding value to our own research and dissemination efforts vis-à- vis the eastern neighbourhood of the EU and the broader post- Soviet space, EaPpeal intends to be one of most visible projects dedicated to the EaP region in both size and scope during the current academic year 2015-2016. EaPpeal project has been conceived as an answer to the increasing demand to provide novel answers and raise awareness of the intrinsic and extrinsic challenges both the EU and the EaP face in a changed geopolitical context market by instability, territorial tensions and armed conflict.

Project news

Workshop "EaPpeal - ways of engaging further" The 1-day workshop aims at marking the official closure of the EaPpeal project. Receiving feedback and gathering opinions/useful suggestions for the full exploitation of our project’s results and research undertaken throughout the project’s lifespan represent the main reasons for organizing this event. Centre for European Studies- Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania, July 20, 2016 | Programme Eurint interantional conference (2016, 20-21 May, Iasi, Romania) The 2016 EURINT international conference series reaches this year an important milestone, its 5th edition. In this regard, we aim to develop this anniversary edition into a successful one by drawing some of most relevant scholars, researchers, experts, civil society activists into a constructive exchange of views on the effectiveness of the Eastern Partnership in the light of the events in Ukraine (read more...)
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