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The implementation of this project in the UAIC Iasi aims at creating a basis of high level academic and professional competences concerning the European issue from the interdisciplinary perspective.

The project specific objectives are:

  • The integration of the multidisciplinary competences in European studies of the university and the higher valorization of the educational and research potential, as well as the increase in the visibility of resources at the European and national level;

  • The promotion and support of performance and excellence in the field of education and research in European studies;

  • The opening towards the civil society by promoting the concept "the University in the society";

  • The training of a new generation of specialists in the field of European studies able to generate added value at the European level in the education process, in the field of research, institutional development and promotion of the European cooperation between universities;

  • The development of partnership and cooperation with other universities from the European Union, with universities from third countries and with actors from the civil society as well;

  • The generation of new opportunities for transfer of knowledge and expert opinion at the international and European level by participating in projects and research networks (mainly, within FP7 and JM programmes);

  • The increase in complementarity between research and education, as well as the increase in the degree of reference of the academic programmes/activities in the field of European studies to the civil society needs, with an impact from the point of view of the LLP programme objectives (professional training, knowing and understanding the process of European integration, adapting activities to the requirements of a highly competitive environment, developing the feeling of belonging to the European citizenship, promoting the intercultural dialogue etc)

  • The stimulation of the interest for knowledge, education and vocational training in the field of European studies through new opportunities, attractiveness, adaptability to the requirements of the market and of the business environment.

The content and methodology of implementing the project are created to meet the following two specific priorities of Jean Monnet programme:

  1. The use of the interdisciplinary resources in the field of European studies

The project is implemented within the Centre for European Studies and gathers educational and research resources from several faculties: history, economy, Law, political Science, administrative Science, sociology.

The project defining element is interdisciplinarity, through:

  • The content of Jean Monnet Department "The Economy and policy of the European integration" as well as the content of the new activities organized within the project;

  • The events approach the specialists on different subjects of the European studies and suppose the participation of several faculties from the university, thus integrating academic resources from different subjects;

  • The target audience of the events is made of students, teachers, researchers - of different fields of specialization;

  • The project results will include resources from all the specializations in the field and aim at generating added value at the level of the educational and research competences in the field of studies related to the European integration;

  • The young people included in the project come from different fields of specialization.

  1. The opening towards the civil society

The project integrates the opening towards the civil society as a complementary priority, to support the promotion of the concept "The University in the society" - one of the strategic objectives of the University.

The project includes short lectures, roundtable talks, debates adapted to the needs for knowledge and vocational training of the public and private decision-making environment, as well as the series of conferences / workshops "The European Union: a multicultural reality" for the general public. All these aim both at the University contribution in disseminating knowledge about the European integration process and at the promotion of the fundamental European values, at the awareness of how important the Europe's cultural and historical diversity is as well as of the feeling of belonging to a common area of values and to the European citizenship, of tolerance and mutual understanding.



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