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The project includes lectures, seminars, conferences, debates, studies and research, publications, grouped into 3 categories of specific activities: educational activities, events and products.


 A. Educational activities

1. Jean Monnet Department  "The Economy and Policy of the European Integration", Professor Gabriela Carmen Pascariu, Ph.D., course coordinator

2. The management of projects with European financing, Senior lecturer Liviu Maha, Ph.D., course coordinator

3. European integration course for the students in polytechnic, Professor Maria Birsan, Ph.D., course coordinator

4. Romania and the Republic of Moldavia in regional context, Professor Alexandru Florin Platon, Ph.D., course coordinator


 B. Events

1. The European week at "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi (every year, in May): conferences for young researchers, round tables, national student scientific sessions in the field of European studies

2. "The EU - an active player in a globalised world" (October, 2010): international seminar for the Ph.D. candidates

3. The European Union - a multicultural reality (a series of seminars, public debates, exhibitions, publications of books)

4. The role of the structural funds in regional competitiveness, sustainable development and cohesion in Europe (biannual series of public debates)

5. Essay competition "My European dream / The Europe in which I want to live": for the students from the Bologna first cycle

6. Conferences and documentation stages abroad



 C. Products

1. Eastern Journal of European Studies, Editor - Professor Maria Birsan, Ph.D., Executive Editor-  Researcher Ramona Frunza, Ph.D.

2. CES Working Papers, Editor - Senior lecturer Liviu Maha, Ph.D.

3. Strategic Europe - Analysis Newsletter on the strategic options of the European Union defined by the European Councils, Editors: Senior lecturer Mihaela Tofan, Ph.D.; Reader Virgil Stoica, Ph.D.

4. Publications under the Collection "Pax Europea", series coordinator Professor Gabriela Carmen Pascariu, Ph.D.  

5. On-line courses in European Studies, in charge Ciprian Alupului, Ph.D. candidate


The activities are going on in partnership. The partnerships are defined as the different activities are organized.



  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

  • The Plastic Artist Association of Iasi

  • The European Institute of Romania

  • The Academy of Economic Studies

  • "Gh. Asachi" Technical University of Iasi

  • The Public University of Chisinau




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