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EURINT is an annual academic journal which publishes the papers which have been selected in order to be presented to EURINT international conference series, which is annually organized by the Centre for European Studies within Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (CES). The journal aims to offer researchers the possibility to receive feedback from the other researchers, to improve their methodology and to validate the results, by meeting important researchers whose interest is related to European Studies. The journal also aims to assure high visibility to the works presented to the conference, consisting in theoretical approaches, comparative or empirical analyses, case studies, essays etc. The main area of interest is related to European Studies, being more specifically correlated to the annual topic of the conference: Economic integration process, European Union in the XXIst century, European institutions and policies, Regional development and competitiveness, Challenges of the EU enlargement process, European business environment, Globalization and regionalism. The journal publishes papers in English (both American and British are accepted, although it should be consistent for the entire text). EURINT does not require any publication fee.   PEER REVIEW POLICY | In order to be published, papers are evaluated according to their correlation to the topics agreed by the journal, the originality and the personal contribution of the authors. The submitted papers are checked using an institutional anti-plagiarism software. The reviewing process is blind and may require changes in order to allow publication.     COPYRIGHT RULES  | EURINT encourages the publication of original papers which were not previously published or submitted for review to other journals, except for considerably improved previously published papers. EURINT supports the publication of papers presented within scientific conferences, if they were not previously published in a journal or in a conference proceedings. CES shall not be held legally responsible and shall not pay royalties in case of demands for financial compensations from third parties. In case of acceptance, Eurint does not impose the exclusive right to publish and to disseminate the paper. The article may be re-published, for as long as there is a clear reference to the first publication within EURINT series.   OPEN ACCESS POLICY | The Centre for European Studies within Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași (CES) is committed to promote the dissemination of its research outputs. In order to support dissemination, CES provides an unrestricted on-line access to all the issues published by EURINT as defined by the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY). 
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