Culture, creativity and human capital: pillars for
European Union’s prosperity
EUcreaTip – Jean Monnet Module
Culture and creativity enrich our minds and souls, offering us means and opportunities to enjoy our lives, to develop our way of thinking, to discover and appreciate beauty, to build bridges over times, and to find purpose in our ever-changing existence. In fewer words, culture and creativity benefit society. Along these, in the last decades, various scholars highlighted their impact on development, creativity becoming “the ultimate economic resource” (Richard Florida, The rise of creative class, 2002). Although culture and creativity’s role in fostering economic development has been analyzed and acknowledged by many studies, reports and scientific papers, they are often overlooked by developing countries, which often focus rather on more traditional approaches to growth.  
EUcreaTip project addresses this matter, aiming to increase awareness and knowledge regarding the importance of culture and creativity in enhancing prosperity.
Our approach is threefold, comprising an educational component, one concerning research in the field and one regarding dissemination of the knowledge on the theme. From educational perspective, we aim to supplement the local, regional and national curricula of the educational programs concerning European studies with various teaching opportunities which promote a better understanding of culture and creativity in EU and their potential in enhancing development. The module seeks to enhance and develop students (BA and MA) and professionals’ knowledge and competences on creativity and culture as factors for European Union prosperity, as well as to forge a new generation of specialists that will bring added value at European level in research and teaching.
Academic courses

Culture and creativity: keys factors for prosperity in EU (beachelor, master level)

Creativity and innovation in project management (master level)

Innovative industries, creativity and technological development in European Union

(master level)


From research perspective, the module will support a research study, focused on underlying the creativity role in enhancing development in EU, which will promote the development of knowledge in the field and excellence in research.
Our dissemination approach consists in: deliverables: to module will support the development of didactic materials for each proposed teaching activity, the publishing of a thematic book (“Introduction on the creative economy from European perspective”) as well as thematic brochures and newsletters for disseminating projects scientific results and elements of novelty of EU policy considering creative and cultural aspects; Events activities: in order to foster awareness and encourage knowledge on the European dimension of culture and creative industries, there will be organized specific events such as: thematic workshops, scientific seminars, roundtables with professional and policy makers. As the main outputs of the project, students (BA and MA), professionals, teachers and policy makers will acquire a better understanding of the EU perspective on the creative economy; will have a clear understanding of European policy which influences this area, will understand how value is created through creative pursuits on the market, will know how to protect and confer economic value to the results of their creativity by applying the European regulation in the matter of Intellectual property and will understand the implications of creative activities on the local and regional development. On the medium term, the main outcome of the module will consist in enhancing awareness in academic environments and professional groups (related with cultural and creative sector) about the specificities of creative economy and about the opportunities offered by EU in developing businesses and carriers in the field. On the long term, the project impacts students and professionals’ perceptions of creative economy and the EU regulations regarding creative and cultural sector and how their specific knowledge, skills and competences have to be connected by others fields of expertize, as their activities create products which move to the European or worldwide market.
Project’s team
Sorin Mazilu, PhD, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi; Nicoleta-Rodica Dominte, PhD, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. Associated members: Alexandra Gheorghiu, PhD, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi; Constantin Tofan, PhD, “George Enescu” University of Iasi. Daniel Păvăloaia, PhD, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi; Ion Sandu, PhD, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi; Simona-Catrinel Avarvarei, PhD, The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Iasi.
Contact details
Sorin Mazilu, PhD
Academic coordinator
Centre for Euroepan Studies - Faculty of Law, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi
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