Summer School

The Eastern Partnership between Blockage and Revitalization

Venue: Oradea University, Oradea, Romania Period: 6-13 June 2018 Open to: PhD students and postdoctoral researchers

Costs: The organizers bear the cost of accommodation and meals during the summer school

(7 days). Travel costs are not-covered by the project. No Participation fees.

The event was organized within the framework of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project ENACTED European Union and its neighbourhood. Network for enhancing EU’s actorness in the eastern borderlands 2017-2625 coordinated by Centre for European Studies - Alexandru Ioan Cuza university of Iasi

Certification: Participants received at the end of the programme a certificate of attendance.

Programme [click here]    ‘Through the combination of high-quality academics, experts and vibrant researchers from Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine, the School proved to be an intellectually stimulating platform that offered me a fresh insight into the EU’s external role and its impact over the wider eastern neighborhood area.  I really benefitted from a high- value feedback that set in motion and helped fast advancing an integral part of my new academic course “EU in a global world: Part. 5 Eastern Partnership” which will be presented at Ukrainian Catholic University in the next academic year. Above all, the presentation sessions created an ideal setting to get in touch with other young researchers, which led to interesting exchanges about individual experience and a favorable context for transborder cultural dialogue. Finally, this summer school allowed the partici- pants to build a strong network. The discussions flew without scientific prejudices, being inclusive and open to any academic approach and researcher. This was the most valuable!’ Dr. Halyna PROTSYK, Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukraine ‘It was a pleasure to attend the Summer School organized by the University of Oradea. I will always remember the lectures and following discussions on the EU’s actorness and the EaP challenges.  We have built great friendship and partnership for future cooperation. Many of us have already arranged further meetings in our home countries. We plan to strengthen and enlarge our group and share our experience and knowledge in our home countries. We also prepared articles to document our findings obtained during the summer school in cross-country cooperation. Michał STAWINOGA, Phd Student, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
 Dr.  Ewelina SZCZECH - PIETKIEWICZ , Warsaw  School of Economics ,   Poland,  on  ‘Redefining  the role of   Poland in the Eastern Partnership’         Dr.  Klara CZIMRE , University of Debrecen,  Hungary, on  ‘Eastern Partnership: external  relations in the light of cross - border  cooperation. Case Study: Hungarian - Ukrainian border’         Dr.  Valeriu SAINSUS , Moldova Academy of  Economic Sciences, Moldova, on  ‘The  Republic of Moldova in the new geopolitical  confrontations  -   the effects, the impact in the  geo - economic context’           Dr.  Igor DUKHAN , Belarussian State University,  Belarus, on  ‘Playing out  Belarusian cultural  policy between Russia and EU (diachrony,  synchrony, contemporaneity)’         Dr.  Oksana DOBRZHANSKA , Chernivtsi National  University, Ukraine, on  ‘Ukraine’s Current  Challenges and Future Prospects in ENP and  Eastern Partnership’ The practical input was offered during  the courses presented by the invited experts :  Dr.  Oana  BORDEIANU , Chief Commissioner, Oradea Border Police School on Contribution of FRONTEX in  harmonizing border police training in Member States, Schengen Associated  Countries and Third  Countries; Dr.  Mihai ERLIK , Police Chief Commissioner, Oradea Border Police School on Handling  cooperation and migration phenomenon at the Romanian borders ;  Dr.  Alexandru KIS , Staff Officer,  NATO HUMINT Centre of Excellence, Oradea, on  NATO and Eastern Europe.   The courses were followed by debates and discussions during  four workshops :    1.   ‘ Eastern Partnership and digital challenges ’ , coordinated by Dr.  Mirela MĂRCUŢ , University of  Oradea;    2.   ‘ Eastern Partnership and types of threats ’ , coordin ated by Dr.  Edina MESZAROS , University of  Oradea;    3.   ‘ Economic dimension of the Eastern Partnership ’ , coordinated by Assoc. Professor  Luminiţa  ŞOPRONI , University of Oradea;    4.   ‘Cross - border cooperation and Eastern Partnership’, coordinated by Dr.  Constantin Ţ OCA ,  University of Oradea. The final day of the summer school was entirely dedicated to  participants’ presentations . Based on  presentations, the participants will produce joint papers on the topic of the summer school that will  ensure the transfer of knowledge and increase cross - country component of ENACTED.    In addition to the academic dimension of the summer school,  the organizers offered a generous  social  programme   that included sightseeing tours, cultural events and informal communication.    In such way together with enhancement the knowledge and views exchange during the lectures and  workshops, the socializing event s Oradea Summer School created an opportunity to also establish  strong bonds among participants and representatives of the host institutions.           Participants   share their feedback :

European Union and its neighbourhood. Network for

enhancing EU’s actorness in the eastern borderlands